About Us

Kerry Cox founded e-waste fundraising. The idea of recycling e-waste for a good cause arose, unfortunately, from a very personal incident.  In early 2009 his granddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia, and aside from the sheer debilitating shock of that, the medical costs were overwhelming for his daughter and son-in-law.


In the course of running a variety of fundraisers, They grew weary of constantly asking people to spend money.  Then they stumbled on the idea of a fundraising method that required no donation of money, no selling, and in fact helped people clear unwieldy and toxic waste from their homes and garages.


This was a win-win-win situation: folks rid themselves of hard-to-dispose-of junk; bulky and toxic materials were kept out of our landfills; and we were able to raise money!


This inspired Kerry to start E-Waste Fundraising, so that worthy causes everywhere could raise much needed funds in an easy, innovative and environmentally sound way.

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NOTE:  WE CURRENTLY OPERATE IN LOS ANGELES ONLY!!! Please give name of organization and address where event is to be held with all inquiries.